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Unknown Extra Soft Silicone Wire

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  • Time of issue:2020-08-30
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Unknown Extra Soft Silicone Wire

Super soft silicone cable,Silicone cable

Customers often ask, do you have extra soft silicone wires in your home?For professional silicone wire manufacturers, the first reaction to this problem is a mask.Also please allow your readers to give you a brief introduction to the soft and hard differences of silicone wires with Tekjun:
Silicone wire is usually composed of conductors and insulated silicone.The hardness and softness are directly related to the hardness and softness of the two materials.
(1) Silicone insulation hardness is usually between 25A~80A. Select different hardness Silicone insulation according to customer performance requirements.
(2) Conductor filament diameter is usually between 0.08~0.52mm. Select different filament conductor diameter according to customer and safety requirements.
In combination with the above two points, if customers want extra soft silicone cable, they can only choose as small as possible single filament diameter, and the silicone also chooses as soft and hard as possible according to the actual process.If it is always the softest, it may affect the harness processing technology.Ultimately, we should focus on the actual harness processing of customers and the installation and laying effect of the finished connector products.
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