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Dental equipment silicone wire

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  • Origin:Huizhou ELETECK Wire&Cable Co., Ltd.
  • Time of issue:2020-11-02
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Dental equipment silicone wire

The silicone wire of dental equipment is shown in the picture above.
The project leader of the company described that we received the customer's request:
① The product requires 4 30awg high temperature Teflon insulated low voltage wires to be energized;
② Food grade silica gel is required for the external coating. Two pipes should be added to the overall external coating, one for water supply and the other for ventilation. A certain air pressure should be applied between the two pipes and they cannot communicate with each other. The defect rate is required to be 0.
Dental silicone wire, we are also the first time to receive such a special-shaped product development, development team under the leadership of Feng Dong quickly determine the program. The whole project took about two weeks, and the mold, sample and small batch trial production were all completed. At the moment of product completion, all the personnel on the scene could not bear to touch the product directly with their hands. It's very clean and beautiful, just like old Mr. Inamori said: shining. The first reaction of the Japanese customer receiving the sample is, how did you do it. How could it be so fast? All this is due to the years of experience in the development and production of silica gel wires.