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EV High Voltage Cable On-Board is so important, which material is more reasonable?

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  • Time of issue:2021-06-18
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EV High Voltage Cable On-Board is so important, which material is more reasonable?

EV High Voltage Cable On-Board
If you were asked to rank the importance of many parts in a green car, how would you rank them? Battery, tires, high-voltage cable, steering wheel, motor, which do you think is the most important?
Let's simplify the complex engine system of green car, it can be concluded that the electric energy stored in the battery is converted into kinetic energy by flowing to the motor through the wire. This basic principle has been involved in our junior high school physics.
In addition, the battery, wire and motor are the core of a non-pure oil based vehicle. For example, if the battery and motor are the heart of a new energy vehicle, the wires connecting them are blood vessels. In order to ensure the diversification of functions within the vehicle, the integrated circuit inside the clean energy vehicle is as indispensable as the blood system in the human body.
If the wires in the car leak and short circuit, it is likely to disrupt the good operation of the car's internal system, like internal bleeding. If the line appears spontaneous combustion and other problems can lead to serious accidents, may lead to casualties.
Consequently the car manufacturers are quite high requirements for green vehicle high-voltage wires, and a variety of insulating materials are also available. The most commonly used materials are TPE, XLPE and silica gel.
The detailed comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of these three materials has been related on our official website. If you like to know more, please check the news and information section of www.eleteck.com.cn.
Basically, XLPE and TPE have low cost but poor heat resistance, while silicone material has strong performance but slightly higher cost. ELETCEK has the above three materials production capacity, procurement comparison has more advantages. Welcome to visit the official website for consultation.
The above information is from the official website of Huizhou ELECTECK Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. If you want to know more about new energy vehicle high-voltage cable information, please collect the website www.eleteck.com.cn.