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How dare you drive "A range of 400 kilometers in 15 minutes" car? Understanding the DC charging cable can make you feel at ease

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  • Origin:Huizhou ELETECK Wire&Cable Co., Ltd.
  • Time of issue:2021-06-28
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How dare you drive "A range of 400 kilometers in 15 minutes" car? Understanding the DC charging cable can make you feel at ease

"A range of 400 kilometers in 15 minutes" is the latest slogan of electric vehicles, which reflects the new height of the development of DC charging lines for new energy vehicles, however people are shocked and skeptical about it. This situation is similar that people were skeptical by mobile phone industry advertisement "charging for five minutes and talking for two hours" a few years ago.
Nowadays, although more high-power products are being developed in the field of DC quick-charging wires in mobile phones, the mass production technology of the products has been very mature. People can easily buy DC quick-charge wires in supermarkets or mobile phone stores, or even in roadside convenience stores, which have a high level of public recognition. The charger of mixed energy vehicles is directly equipped by the car manufacturers to complete the customer, few people know the car DC fast charger. Therefore, the acceptance of fast charging gun, a tributary of clean energy vehicles, is not wide. People are also very concerned about its safety, in case of electricity leakage in the process of charging, it is likely to cause fire or explosion and other accidents.
Quick charging system is mainly composed of battery and DC charging line. Automotive DC charging line is one of our main products, we will analyze the internal structure of new energy vehicles from the perspective of wire security.
There are more than a dozen wires inside the DC charging line, of which two are responsible for current transmission, one is the ground wire, and the rest are signal wires. These signal wires manage the connection between the car and the charger during the charging process. It transmits numerous signals through tiny current, including whether it is connected to power monitoring, temperature monitoring and so on, in order to maintain the balance between battery and charger and ensure the car is charged safely.
More monitoring requirements also lead to more complex internal structure of DC charging lines, which also provides more guarantees for our safety.
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