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What are the advantages of this 34 year old XLPE

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  • Origin:Huizhou ELETECK Wire&Cable Co., Ltd.
  • Time of issue:2021-07-12
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What are the advantages of this 34 year old XLPE

In 1957, GE (General Electric Company) of the United States first used peroxide steam crosslinking method to produce cross-linked wires. The application of XLPE in insulation material has a great influence on the development of wire and cable. The cross-linking of polyethylene steam improves the hardness, aging resistance and water and oil resistance of raw materials. In China, State Grid Changchun Power Supply Company put the country's first self-produced cross-linked power line into use in 1987, which has been in use for 34 years.
Experts evaluated the load and life of the high-voltage power cable according to the annual average temperature in Changchun, and finally estimated that the service life of the cable would be about 40 years. The designed operating life of this XLPE wire and cable is about 30 years, but the actual operating life of the cable is 10 years more than the designed life. This has an important impact on users' electricity experience and urban development and construction, and it is enough to see the excellent performance of cross-linked wires. Not all high-voltage power cables will last for at least six years while they will last for 34 years in the open air.
In addition to high service life, the cross-linked wire also has many advantages such as high heat resistance, good wear resistance, high flow carrying capacity and environmental protection. So far, XLPE has been used in 500 kV power cables. The cross-linked wire is widely used in low voltage, medium voltage, high voltage and ultra-high voltage environment because of its excellent performance.
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