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Mixed energy vehicles AC charging wires obvious shortcomings, but why "never" will not be eliminated?

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  • Time of issue:2021-07-12
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Mixed energy vehicles AC charging wires obvious shortcomings, but why "never" will not be eliminated?

Mixed energy vehicles AC charging wire, also known as the slow charging line, charging speed is slow, and slow charging port and fast charging do not share. The design and manufacturing costs of an electric car with two charging ports are higher than those of a car with only AC charging ports.
Why is it possible that AC chargers will always be present in urban charging stations or in the private chargers given away by car manufacturers? Although "forever" is just an exaggeration of rhetoric, it is difficult to find a substitute for AC charging wire before new technology appears and replaces it as the mainstream electric power transmission wire for chargers of new energy vehicles. As in recent years, the AC charging wire produced by ELETECK wire and cable Co., Ltd. Whether the domestic demand or foreign demand is growing steadily.
One of the reasons AC charging cables are hard to replace is safety. DC charging wires transmit large current, which indeed improves the efficiency of charging, but it is more likely to cause the battery to overheat, causing safety risks to the car. In addition, from the perspective of cost, the size of the AC charging pile is much smaller than that of the DC charging pile, which means that the manufacturing cost of the AC charging pile is lower. Therefore, as the charging wire of AC charging pile, the application range of AC charging wire is wider.
In terms of demand, slow charging is used more than fast charging. In addition to a few times when you need to use a DC charger for quick charging, you can usually use an AC charger when you have enough time to charge your car when you sleep or go to work. After all, frequent use of a DC charger to quickly charge the battery can make the battery age faster.
At the present stage, the scheme of an electrical changing station to replace the fast charging wires, i.e., DC charging wires, is gradually developing, but the layout of the electrical changing station still needs time. The plan to replace the AC power line has yet to be announced, so it is unlikely to be phased out until a new, small, convenient, and safe way of charging it is suitable for the home is invented.
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