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The characteristics of the wiring

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  • Time of issue:2021-08-02
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The characteristics of the wiring

The characteristics of the wiring

Recently, ELETECK team visited a customer in Shenzhen and learned about the use of the cable produced by our company on the customer's computer motherboard and graphics card cooling fan.

The amount of cable is increasing rapidly, and almost any electrical appliance can be said to have a cable inside. Examples include pacemakers, medical devices, video cameras, hearing AIDS, portable computers, etc. What are the characteristics of the wires that are so widely used?

1. Small volume and light weight. In the current field of cutting-edge electronic device assembly, wiring is usually the application method to meet the requirements of miniaturization and mobility.

2. The cable can be moved, bent and twisted without damaging the wire. It can be used in different shapes and special packaging sizes.

3. The cable has excellent conductivity, dielectric properties and heat resistance.

4. The use of cabling reduces the hardware required for internal connection of electronic components. Such as traditional electronic packaging commonly used solder joints, trunk lines, backboard lines and cables, so that the line can provide higher assembly quality.

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