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What are the advantages of charging piles using liquid-cooled wires?

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  • Time of issue:2021-08-02
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What are the advantages of charging piles using liquid-cooled wires?

What are the advantages of charging piles using liquid-cooled wires?

Charging wires for EV charging piles have been using liquid-cooled cables for almost two years. At the current rate of development, there may be a large demand for liquid-cooled wires for charging wires. Under the fierce competition in the new energy vehicle market, the supply of liquid cooling wires is increasing, which is likely to quickly reach the market saturation. Therefore, both manufacturers and operators need to take advantage of the current market demand for liquid-cooled charging cables. Its advantages mainly include:

1. Environmental protection and energy saving

The highest efficiency of liquid-cooled charging can reach above 96%, and the efficiency of total output voltage can reach above 92%. The power consumption of the charging pile in standby mode is less than or equal to 5W, which greatly reduces the standby loss expense and electricity expense of the charging pile, and directly reduces the operating cost of the operator.

2. High power and no shunt

The liquid-cooled charging wire of V3 super charging pile has the characteristics of no diverging charge for multiple vehicles. For example, even if two Tesla vehicle shared a SINGLE V3 supercharger, they could maintain a peak charge of 250kW per vehicle in the same amount of time and total charge as if they had used the V3 charger alone. The characteristics of high power factor and low harmonic current can reduce the electromagnetic interference of large-scale installation of charging pile to the power grid and effectively reduce the input wire diameter.

3. Wide range of environmental applications

The design of charging pile module and electrical parts and heat exchange warehouse makes the electrical warehouse free from the erosion of adverse environment, and can also be used in a wide range of areas with harsh environment.

4. High security and convenient maintenance

The design of the liquid cooling circuit and electrical isolation, electrical and heat transfer compartment, leads to the charging cable without direct heat transfer with the outside air, and the dust accumulated in the heat transfer compartment is easy to remove.

5. Long service life

The design of liquid-cooled charging pile effectively ensures electrical clearance, avoids electrical short circuit caused by corrosion and other factors, reduces the failure rate, and avoids fire accidents caused by arc. Liquid cooling in the charging cable extends the service life of the charging pile.

Based on the current large-scale use of non-liquid-cooled charging wires, the return on investment period of charging pile of charging operators is 3-5 years, while the service life of liquid-cooled charging wire system is expected to be 8-10 years. Therefore, using liquid-cooled cables as charging wires can improve the return on investment of car charging operators.

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