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Cable makers' gift to the new age - electric vehicle charging line

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  • Time of issue:2020-11-06
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Cable makers' gift to the new age - electric vehicle charging line

Electric car charging cable

 With the maturity and application of electric vehicle technology, the construction of basic charging facilities and charging piles for electric vehicles has become the focus of development.

 As a basic part of ev charging facilities, the performance of ev charging line has an important impact on the whole charging process. Electric vehicle charging line, however, as a new type of wire and cable, its use requirement different from traditional wire and cable, the existing conventional cable cannot completely meet the use requirements, tensile performance is poor, after repeated use is easy to break.   Charging line itself performance and security must be based on the selection of materials, but also its designers have to face more consideration, The addition of relevant flame retardant materials is also to ensure the spontaneous combustion of new energy vehicles when charging. To keep up with the market demand, ev charging cable products have the following advantages:

Good softness, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, wear resistance, rolling resistance, bending resistance, tear resistance, UV resistance, color stability, good flame retardant performance. The above information is from the official website of Huizhou Eleteck Wire and Cable Co., LTD. www.eleteck.com.cn. If you want to know more wire information, please collect the website.