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Essential skills for buying electric vehicles - "you may not be able to hold the gun of DC charging line"

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  • Time of issue:2020-11-10
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Essential skills for buying electric vehicles - "you may not be able to hold the gun of DC charging line"

Dc charging cable

As electric cars gain consumer acceptance gradually,the requirement of quick charging is increasing. If you're a girl, look at the size of the DC cable above and you'll know which skill you need. The photo above shows 200A DC charging cable products exported by our company. Dc charging line quick charge high-power DC charging,30 minutes can full with 80% of the battery capacity, common DC charging pile power 30KW-120kW, even higher fast charging.

Efficiency of charging power: the maximum charging rate of 30kW electric pile is 0.5 degrees/minute, and it can be charged to one degree in two minutes; The maximum charging rate of 60kW electric pile is 60 degrees/hour (1 degree/minute), that is, one degree of charge per minute; It is determined by the matching result between the battery parameters of the ev and the charging pile, and changes with the charging state. Depending on the power of the charging pile, the installation point of the charging station will be different. Charging piles with higher voltage (750V) and the same power or higher power (180kW/240kW) are generally used for urban bus charging stations and large charging and changing stations. Such charging piles are mainly used for large vehicles. With the improvement of charging infrastructure, there are already joint venture automobile enterprises planning to build a higher level of high voltage fast charging equipment to meet the use of future products.

ELETECK wire and cable also keeps pace with the market, and can provide charging cables matching the different power of customers' charging piles.

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