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The car AC charging line looks like a "Tortoise", but...

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  • Time of issue:2020-11-23
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The car AC charging line looks like a "Tortoise", but...

After learning about DC charging cables for electric vehicles, today let's take a look at AC charging cables for electric vehicles and their advantages and disadvantages.
Compared with the "fast charging" of THE DC charging line, the AC charging line of electric vehicles is the so-called "slow charging".
The obvious advantage of fast charging is that it can be charged quickly. However, this brings many problems:
Fast charging has a certain loss of battery life, and the safety factor will decrease. In addition, the effect of the use of fast charging is different in different seasons. In winter, the capacity and activity of lithium iron phosphate battery decrease, and the use of fast charging for the battery itself "stimulation" is greater; In summer, the activity of ternary lithium battery is high and unstable, and the use of fast charging may cause some batteries in the battery pack to overheat, and there will be the risk of thermal runaway in the long run.
On the contrary, the slow charging line equalizes the battery pack at the last stage of charging to ensure that each cell is fully charged as far as possible. And the AC charging line is relatively mild, to extend the battery life also has a certain help. In addition, the use of slow charging in low peak charge, the cost will be lower.
Of course, the shortcomings of slow charge are mainly reflected in the slow.
In summary, DC charging line is more used in emergency, AC charging line is the long way to protect the safety of the battery.
With 16 years of experience in wire and cable manufacturing, we will provide you with international quality AC charging cables for electric vehicles.
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