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The car charging line market seems a little "green"

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  • Time of issue:2020-11-25
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The car charging line market seems a little "green"

Electric car charging cable

 Nov.23th, Tesla closed at $500 for the first time in the U.S. electric car market. Chinese concept shares "new forces of car" were also on a roll,Xpev closed up 33.98%, Li rose more than 14%, Nio rose more than 12%. But their gains have fallen far short of those of a company called Blink Charging. Shares of The company jumped 48.3 percent to $33.62 on Wednesday, up 333.25 percent since November and up about 1,700percent over the past year. (The above information is from Shanghai Securities News)

 Since this year, the construction of charging piles has been encouraged by various aspects. Earlier this year, charging piles were identified as an important part of the new infrastructure, which has led to electric vehicle charging lines, an important part of charging piles, becoming a hot product. In today's environment, more and more emerging wire and cable factories have also joined the production and manufacturing of electric vehicle charging lines, and the market is uneven at that time.

 With 18 years of experience in wire and cable design and manufacturing, Yitech has designed and manufactured various specifications and international quality electric vehicle charging wires for many customers. Including AC charging pile wire, DC charging pile wire, 16A, 32A and other AC charging gun wire, 150A, 200A and other DC charging gun wire, EVDC - SS/RSS/SSPS/RSSPS, EVDC - S90U/RS90U/S90S90PU/RS90S90PU, EV - SS/RSS/SSPS/RSSPS, EV - S90U/RS90U/S90S90PU/RS90S90PU series gb charging line, EVE, EVJE and other American standard charging line. The above information is from the official website of Huizhou Eleteck Wire and cable Co., LTD. www.eleteck.com.cn, if you want to know more wire and cable information, please collect the website.