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Tesla invested 42 million to build a super charging pile factory in Shanghai

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  • Time of issue:2020-11-27
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Tesla invested 42 million to build a super charging pile factory in Shanghai

On November 26, it was officially learned that Tesla plans to invest 42 million yuan in Shanghai to build a super charging pile factory integrating R & D and production.
The project has a total construction area of 4841 square meters and is planned to be completed in February next year.
This will accelerate the popularization of V3 super charging pile, the world's top charging device, in China, and enable Tesla users across the country to enjoy the ultimate experience of "charging for 15 minutes and endurance of 250 kilometers".( The above information comes from electric experts)
With the completion of Tesla Shanghai Super charging pile factory, Tesla is bound to further improve the density layout and coverage of the super charging network, and the advantages of its charging network will be further expanded.
This will also lead to the pressure multiplication of other charging pile manufacturers. It is not difficult to predict that the market of electric vehicle charging line, the core component of charging pile, will be further expanded.
However, the higher the power of the charging pile, the more stringent the requirements for the charging line. With 18 years of experience in wire and cable design and manufacturing, Tektronix can provide matching high-quality electric vehicle charging cables according to the different power of the customer's charging pile,
It has the advantages of soft hand feeling, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, wear resistance, rolling resistance, bending resistance, tear resistance, UV resistance, stable color, good flame retardant performance and so on.
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