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No matter how smart your home is, you can't live without silicone wires

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  • Time of issue:2020-12-07
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No matter how smart your home is, you can't live without silicone wires

The silicone wire
Smart home field after years of development, are faced with from the initial concept germination and stage start, wandering in the early stage, beginning of industry convergence evolution period, especially in recent years as 5 g, AI, big data, cloud computing and the further popularization of the Internet of things technology, make it possible for more scenario-based landing, smart home is more truly come into our lives.
Today, smart homes are fast moving into ordinary people's homes. All kinds of smart devices can be controlled by APP and even understand what you say.
The intelligent two words of intelligent home can not be separated from electricity, and electricity can not be separated from the wires and cables that transmit it. Nowadays, silicone wires with excellent performance are widely used in all kinds of intelligent household appliances.
The characteristics of silica gel wire must be very familiar to you, it has good acid resistance, alkali resistance, anti-fungal performance, excellent high and low temperature resistance, excellent electrical performance, excellent chemical stability, long service life, resistance to humidity and high temperature environment and a variety of greases. At the same time, the cable has good flexibility, and has the advantages of waterproof and pressure resistance, the wire is soft and easy to install. Widely used in high temperature environment such as lighting lamps, household appliances, electric appliances and electronics, lamps, combustiors, etc., also suitable for the internal connection line of microwave oven, fax machine, printer, copier, scanner and other machines.
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