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Aorta in the heart of electric vehicle -- high voltage line of new energy electric vehicle

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  • Time of issue:2020-12-08
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Aorta in the heart of electric vehicle -- high voltage line of new energy electric vehicle

High voltage lines for new energy electric vehicles. Motor, as the direct power exporter of electric vehicles, plays the role of the heart in new energy vehicles. It forms a closely connected system with electric battery control, and directly determines the endurance of electric vehicles, power strength and other key parameters.
And the new energy vehicle high voltage line is the heart of the aorta, played a crucial transmission role, so what are its characteristics?
Pressure resistance:
The rated voltage of passenger vehicles is 600VAC/900VDC and that of commercial vehicles is 1000VAC/1500VDC.
Current resistance:
According to the current flow of high voltage system components, commonly used in 250A, some high power motors can be used up to 400A.
Temperature resistance:
High temperature resistance grade is divided into 125℃, 150℃, 200℃, high temperature conventional choice of high temperature resistance 150℃ XLPE material wire and 200℃ grade silica gel wire; Low temperature conventional selection of low temperature resistance -40℃ and -60℃.
Shielding performance:
Shielded high voltage lines can reduce the impact of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio interference (RFI) on the vehicle system. The whole high-voltage wiring harness loop is connected by shielding. The high-voltage wiring harness shielding layer of the motor, controller and battery interfaces is connected to the battery motor controller shell through the plug-in constant crimping structure, and then connected with the body iron.
High voltage lines for new energy electric vehicles have strict requirements for flexibility. Based on the convenience of soft installation and operation, current resistance and high temperature resistance, silica gel material has more advantages in high voltage lines for electric vehicles.
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