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Silicone wire has great ability. New energy batteries depend on it.

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  • Time of issue:2020-12-13
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Silicone wire has great ability. New energy batteries depend on it.

The silicone wire

 With the development of The Times, new energy vehicles are becoming more and more popular. We should all know that new energy vehicles rely on batteries to provide energy, but what kind of battery it is? A block? Multiple batteries like a e-bike? Layer upon layer of thin batteries?

 The answer is amazing, like Tesla's battery is made up of batteries that look like household battery No. 5, take Modle S as an example, it is made up of 16 groups of 444 batteries in total, 7,104 18,650 batteries. Byd's blade battery is also unique. So how to connect these battery packs, these batteries look harmless but hundreds of thousands of them together is not to be ignored, its output voltage up to 400V, coupled with its strict use conditions, the high requirements of wire performance can be guessed.

 First of all, the wire needs to withstand high voltage, need more stable chemical properties, longer service life, also need to be excellent in high temperature and cold resistance, of course, waterproof and oil prevention is also essential. See these performance is the first time you thought of to teck jun introduction of silicone wires, silicone wires it has good acid resistance, alkali resistance, anti-fungal properties, excellent high and low temperature resistance, excellent electrical properties, excellent chemical stability, long service life, resistant to moisture and high temperature environment, and a variety of grease. At the same time, the cable has good flexibility, and has the advantages of waterproof and withstand pressure. This is the best choice.

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