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Fly with Chang'e 5——silicone wire

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  • Origin:Huizhou ELETECK Wire&Cable Co., Ltd.
  • Time of issue:2020-12-17
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Fly with Chang'e 5——silicone wire

The silicone wire

 China's recent successful launch of the Chang 'e-5 lunar probe, one of the most complex and difficult missions China has ever conducted in space, successfully returned home today, realizing China's first unmanned lunar sampling. Every time I see the news of Chang 'e-5, I will look forward to the wire and cable products of ELETECK to make a contribution to the space industry.

 In aerospace this cutting-edge technology field of wire and cable requirements are extremely demanding, whether on the performance of wire itself or wire production quality,it is a big test.

 Silicone wire is a kind of application in the aerospace engineering wires, silicone rubber is a kind of organic silicon polymer material with high elasticity, good elasticity, excellent fatigue resistance, excellent electrical insulation, good abrasion resistance and heat resistance advantages of excellent high and low temperature resistance, radiation resistance, ageing resistance, electrical insulation and non-toxic, physiological inertia, Widely used in aerospace aircraft wire and cable, hydraulic system, exposed system, engine cylinder, pilot and astronaut life support system of all kinds of sealing ring, hose, hose, rubber tank and capsule, electrical insulation bushing, hot air conduit are made of silicon rubber material. 

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