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Why are electric car charging lines mostly AC?

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  • Time of issue:2021-01-08
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Why are electric car charging lines mostly AC?

  Ac charging lines for electric vehicles, that is, slow charging, seem to unable to adapt this fast-paced era, but why are most charging piles for communication today?   The most important point is safety. We have introduced the comparison between dc fast charging and AC slow charging in terms of safety before. Briefly speaking, the DC charging line is more likely to cause some batteries to overheat, which makes the car a safety hazard. In terms of cost, AC charging pile also saves a lot than DC charging pile. The AC charging line is relatively light and the size of the charging pile is much smaller than that of the DC charging pile, which makes the layout of the charging station more flexible.

  Finally, there are the requirements on the usage scenario. When we are on the highway certainly do not want to charge for a few hours full, but usually in addition to a few emergency needs we do not need fast charge, sleep, work, shopping plug in slow charge can, frequent use of fast charge will only make the battery accelerated aging. In general, before the practicality of fast charging technology has no qualitative leap, the AC charging line of electric vehicles will always occupy the main body.

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