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How are high-quality electric vehicle charging pile wires made

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  • Origin:Huizhou ELETECK Wire&Cable Co., Ltd.
  • Time of issue:2021-01-12
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How are high-quality electric vehicle charging pile wires made

  Near the end of this year, the last batch of exports of electric vehicle charging pile line today boot out.

  As the final battle of the export products of charging pile line this year, our company attaches great importance to it, and managers and technical personnel from all departments participate in the production and control of the whole process. As early as last week in the early meeting, the company began to indicate that each process needs to be more serious and responsible, and make as always high-quality charging pile line to draw a successful end of this year, which also indicates that next year we will use more serious attitude and more professional technology to provide customers with better quality products.

  ELETECK has the ability to design and manufacture a variety of high quality charging pile lines for electric vehicles, including 16A, 32A and other AC charging pile lines, 150A, 200A and other DC charging pile lines, EVDC - SS/RSS/SSPS/RSSPS, EVDC - S90U/RS90U/S90S90PU/RS90S90PU, EV - SS/RSS/SSPS/RSSPS, EV - S90U/RS90U/S90S90PU/RS90S90PU series gb charging line, EVE, EVJE and other American standard charging pile line.

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