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Pay attention when you see the high-voltage line in the electric vehicle

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  • Time of issue:2021-01-21
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Pay attention when you see the high-voltage line in the electric vehicle

  High voltage lines in electric cars Whether you know anything about electric cars or not, you've heard that they have high-voltage wires inside them. Its battery voltage can reach 600V, and the transmission wire is the high voltage cable in the car. They are uniformly defined as orange lines, and some are covered with similarly orange bellows.

  With the rapid development of automobile electronization and informatization and the extensive use of automobile electronic equipment, the cabling of high voltage cable in the car is getting longer and more complex. Although wiring is complex but that is a designer headache, we consumers usually can not see when the safety or not to worry about, but when we see it must pay attention to. Usually we can see it in the cabin cover, we must pay attention not to touch and plug at will, in addition to the danger of electric shock, electric pull may also burn the controller. When some problems occur in the vehicle, the high voltage line in the car may be exposed, which is more careful. Even if the fire is out, the high voltage of some cables will only slowly fade.

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