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Internal structure of electric vehicle AC charging pile line

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  • Time of issue:2021-01-29
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Internal structure of electric vehicle AC charging pile line

   Someone who often use ac charging pile line may have such doubts, why there are so many separate wires inside the charging line, these lines are ordinary NEUTRAL wire? And what is the role of an extra one?
   In fact, most of the AC charging pile lines are connected to a three-phase power grid with a live line and a central line of 220V AC, but it can also be simply regarded as NEUTRAL LIVE wire, respectively, LIVE wire (L), NEUTRAL wire( N), EARTH wire (PE). The extra line represents charge Control and connection detection. The Control Pilot Function(CP) is mainly a protocol line, which is used to judge and control the charging state and the charging current. Knowing the names of each line inside the AC charging pile line can save a lot of trouble when we extend the AC charging pile line.
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