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Do you know any types of silicone wire?

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  • Time of issue:2021-02-27
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Do you know any types of silicone wire?

  With the development of silica gel wire for many years, there have been many types, single core, multi-core; With shielding, without shielding; With knitting, no knitting and so on, let's have a simple understanding.
  UL3530 is a commonly used silica gel wire,200 degrees,600V.UL3239 is a silica gel high voltage wire, generally in 3KV,6KV,10KV,20KV,30KV. These two are the most commonly used silicone wire, more typical.
  UL4389 is silica gel multi-core shielded wire, silica gel wire with glass fiber braided has UL3122 and so on, silica gel shielded wire has UL3889 and so on.
  When purchasing, you often need to select the wire gauge according to the actual conditions of use. Take UL3530 as an example, the corresponding size table of each wire gauge is shown in the following figure. For more comprehensive data, please visit www.eleteck.com.cn
   The above information is from the official website of Huizhou Eleteck  Wire and Cable Co., LTD. www.eleteck.com.cn. If you want to know more about the silicone wire, please collect the website.