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UL electronic wire common models

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  • Time of issue:2021-03-09
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UL electronic wire common models

   Common UL electronic wires can be classified into the following types based on insulation or jacket materials :PVC wires, halogen-free wires, silicone wires, and teflon wires.
   Common PVC electronic wires are UL1007, UL1015, UL1061, UL1095, UL1430, UL1569, UL1571, UL1617 and so on. In addition to the above PVC single branch line, there are PVC multi-core wires such as UL2464, UL2468, UL2651 and so on.
   Common halogen-free electronic wires are UL10368, UL10369, UL3173, UL3265, UL3266, UL3271, UL3363, UL3688, UL3691, UL4298 and so on
   Common halogen-free cables are UL21311, UL21016, UL21515, UL21516, etc
   Common silica gel line is UL3068, UL3071, UL3122, UL3123, UL3132, UL3133, UL3135, UL3239, UL3512, UL3530, UL3585, UL3640, UL3641, UL3642, UL3644, UL3645, U L3661, UL3662, UL3663, UL3750, UL3889, UL4389, etc
   Common teflon lines are UL10064, UL10086, UL10412, UL10744, UL10633, UL11331, UL1330, UL1331, UL1332, UL1333, UL1354, UL1589, UL1901 and so on
   The main difference between different models of UL electronic wires in the four categories is the difference between rated voltage and rated temperature. The following table lists the most commonly used UL electronic wires. Select a suitable model according to the actual conditions.
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