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Is the peculiar smell of silicone wire harmful to human body?

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  • Time of issue:2021-03-11
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Is the peculiar smell of silicone wire harmful to human body?

   The smell of silicone wire comes from a variety of volatile substances in the process of silica gel processing. Silica gel itself is not toxic, chemical properties are very stable, and there is no odor.

   The curing agent will be used in the processing of silica gel. The curing agent is a catalyst to promote the curing of silica gel raw materials. It will produce a burning and pungent smell, but it will not harm the human body. The silicone wire will volatilize after forming, only a small part of the residual, will be volatilized in a few days to a few months or so, so the use of a few months more than a strong smell of silicone wire is to determine whether it is really silicone.

   There is also a substance is D4 (eight methyl ring tetrasiloxane), D4 is the most basic organic silicon raw material, can be used for synthetic silicone rubber, silicone oil, but D4 does not have a strong odor. D4 is a matter of high concern in the European Union, the main reason is that it may be harmful to the reproductive system, and there will be a continuous bioaccumulation, but the regular manufacturer of silicone wire or other silicone products in the D4 residue is very little, production personnel do not have to worry about health problems, usually occasionally contact more do not have to worry about.

   In fact, poor quality colored additives are the most need to pay attention to, so the purchase of silicone wire can not be cozyed cheap must go to the regular manufacturer.

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