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How to buy and install the charging pile line if you want to extend it

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  • Time of issue:2021-03-20
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How to buy and install the charging pile line if you want to extend it

    Now the car charging pile line is not long enough. There are generally two solutions, one is the original factory extension, the other is extending by their own. The original factory extension does not need to worry about the disadvantage is that the price will be much more expensive, the advantage of their extension is reflected in the price but from the purchase to the installation effort. 

   It is very important to find the right model when choosing. We can read the instructions or consult the charging pile merchants to determine the model we need. For 16A, the rated current is 4 square meters, and for 32A, the charging pile line is 6 square meters. The same is true for charging pile lines of DC vehicles. 150A, 200A and so on have corresponding cable specifications. After knowing the demand is to go to some treasure some baba or wire and cable manufacturers official website to buy.

    After the purchase is completed, it is installed. If you have confidence in your own hands-on ability, it is not too complicated to install yourself. If you are worried, you can ask a master to install it, which will be much cheaper than the original factory extension.

    Now let's briefl talk about the ac car charging pile line installation, DC is too complex not to recommend their own installation. After opening the shell, you can see the connection method of the original charging cable. Remove it after taking a picture, and connect the new cable according to the original connection method. Generally, four lines should be replaced, charging gun signal line, ground line (the gray line connected to the ground line needs to be cut), live line and neutral line. When the new cable comes in, remember to rewire the waterproof connector outside the pile, so as to save the rework. The new interface should be wrapped with anticorrosive electrical tape, and pay attention to the safety of electricity use. After the installation can be installed back, do not rest assured that each disassembly process can be taken to correspond to the installation of good, finally also remind you to pay attention to the safety of electricity, the whole process must be pulled off power!

   The above information is from the official website of Huizhou Eleteck Wire and Cable Co., LTD. www.eleteck.com.cn. If you want to know more about the car charging pile line, please collect the website.