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Introduction to the braided layer of silicone braided thread

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  • Time of issue:2021-03-23
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Introduction to the braided layer of silicone braided thread

   The so-called silicone braided wire is silica gel insulation outside braided a layer of glass fiber silk. But many people are unfamiliar with fiberglass, so let's have a brief overview.
   Glass fiber is a kind of inorganic nonmetallic material with excellent performance. The original name of glass fiber in English is glass fiber, which mainly takes glass balls or waste glass as raw materials and forms various kinds of glass fiber products through high-temperature melting, drawing, winding, weaving and other processes. Therefore, the main components of glass fiber are silica, alumina, calcium oxide, boron oxide, magnesium oxide, sodium oxide and so on.
   Glass to some ideas of qualitative hard brittle object, is not suitable for as a structural material, but after spinning all kinds of craft, its monofilament diameter from several microns to 20 meters microns, the equivalent of a human hair 1/20-1/5, each bundle fiber original SiDou have hundreds or even thousands of root of monofilament, will greatly increase the strength and softness, The surface layer is coated with a variety of color resin, it can be used as a composite reinforcement material, electrical insulation material and thermal insulation material, electrical subgrade board, etc.
   Silicone wire plus a layer of glass fiber, will bring better performance for silica gel wire, mainly reflected in the following four points:
1.The cold resistance of silicone braided wire is better than at least 80% of other wire categories
2.temperature resistance of silicone braided wire is better than at least 60% of other wire categories
3 The anti-aging ability of silica gel braided thread is strong, and the average life is more than 15 years
4.Silicone braided thread has good softness and bending resistance, and is suitable for various climates
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