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The secret of high temperature resistance of silicone wire

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  • Time of issue:2021-03-30
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The secret of high temperature resistance of silicone wire

  With the development of the industry, silicone wire is more and more popular, let's learn its high temperature resistance performance.
  The main chain of silicone rubber is composed of silicon atoms and oxygen atoms alternately. Ordinary silicone rubber mainly contains methyl and a small amount of vinyl silicone and oxygen chain. The introduction of phenyl can improve the high temperature and low temperature resistance of silicone rubber. After vulcanization, the performance of silicone rubber will be greatly improved.
The temperature resistance of silicone rubber material is closely related to its type, vinyl content (crosslinking density), heat-resistant additives, the type and dosage of filler and other factors, and the PH value and water content of the compound are also closely related. The selection of raw rubber polymerization catalyst, the neutralization of the residual catalyst after the reaction, the selection of filler and structure control agent of silica is also an important reason to affect the temperature resistance of silicone rubber.
  Silicone wire has stable characteristics under high temperature environment, good anti-aging characteristics and long service life. It can be used in transmission system mechanical equipment and other pull resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other special requirements of mobile terminals. It can also be used in new technology industrial products. Such as electrical products, heating equipment, drinking water and hair dryer machinery and equipment, air conditioning and ventilation equipment, lighting equipment, electronic products, electric heating commodities, computer communications, aerospace, cars and so on. 
  Silicone wire can also be used in power stations, processing plants engineering construction and chemical enterprise mobile terminal, in the active oxygen, radiation line in the natural environment is not easy to be oxidized, dissolved, organic chemistry reliability is good; With high - quality hydrophobicity, waterproof, seismic grade and physiological plasticity.
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