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Silicone wire used in electric boats and electric cars

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  • Time of issue:2021-04-06
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Silicone wire used in electric boats and electric cars

  With the addition of Xiaomi to the electric vehicle industry, there is a small climax, but you may not know that the electric ship industry is also booming, but there is not much demand in the inland provinces and cities, so the attention is not high.
  The core principles of electric ships and electric vehicles are not very different, either the wheel driven by the motor, the propeller, or the parts of the ship need stricter waterproof performance.
  Almost all power cables use silicone exterior covers with better performance, both in wet environments and in high frequency wear environments that jitter in the car.
  Silicone wire also has good acid, alkali and fungal properties, resistance to a variety of oils, pressure and so on.
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