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What is the good of high temperature line ?

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  • Time of issue:2021-04-15
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What is the good of high temperature line ?

   High temperature wire is a high temperature resistant wire made of special materials. It is suitable for outgoing connecting wires of a variety of household appliances, lighting lamps, electronic equipment, temperature sensing, etc. In addition to the high-temperature characteristics, what are the advantages of high-temperature wires and ordinary wires?
1、 Material. The main material of high-temperature line is high-temperature resistant material, so that it can be used in high-temperature environment for a long time. High temperature wire is generally divided into Teflon insulated high temperature wire, silica gel insulated high temperature wire, silica gel insulated braided wire, multi-core high temperature wire, etc.
2、 Insulation performance. Different from ordinary cables, high-temperature wire with high temperature resistance has strong insulation performance. In some factories or laboratories with high requirements, high-temperature wire can avoid the problem of short circuit or circuit influence and achieve better use effect.
3、 Aging resistance. One of the great advantages of high-temperature wires is that they are aging resistant and durable. Such high-temperature wires can be used for a long time. Compared with ordinary cables, they can help us reduce a lot of later maintenance costs.
4、 Flame retardant. The materials of high-temperature wires have good flame retardancy. In case of short circuit or high-temperature fire, they will not affect other circuits in series at once to increase the risk, but effectively carry out flame retardation and have higher safety performance.
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