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Enlightenment of Apple products to wire and cable manufacturers

  • Categories:Industry News
  • Author:ELETECK
  • Origin:Huizhou ELETECK Wire&Cable Co., Ltd.
  • Time of issue:2021-04-21
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Enlightenment of Apple products to wire and cable manufacturers

  At 1 a.m. Beijing time, apple held a spring new product launch and released new iMac, iPad pro and other products. As a digital technology enthusiast working in wire and cable company, let me take you to understand what enlightenment the cables in Apple products have on traditional wire and cable manufacturers.
  First, we need to know about the use of cables in various apple products and the comparison with friends:
1. Mobile phone
  Today's mobile phones are mainly FPC cable, generally only two RF coaxial lines, and the iPhone has been changed to FPC cable.
2.Integrated Machine
  Apple has opened up a gap with traditional manufacturers since the inception of the one-machine. For example, with the newly released iMac, there are only three coaxial lines and three traditional out-of-line lines inside, while there are a lot of PVC/XLPE wires and out-of-line in one-machine of other brands.
3. Desktop computers
  Every time you see the internal structure of the Mac Pro, it's amazing, and common desktops are still using a lot of cables, let alone compare the pictures above.
  Seeing this, I don't know how you feel. Before I did not work in the cable industry, I would only exclude Apple's industrial design capabilities, but now it gives me a sense of crisis.Cables in electronic products are one of the big heads of the cable industry. It can be said that some cable manufacturers live on them. If the electronic products develop according to the structure of Apple products, the cable industry needs will be much reduced.In addition to these, more and more wireless devices are becoming ubiquitous, and the word "line" seems to be a synonym for confusion and trouble, causing less demand.
  If the internal wiring of electronic equipment is really to be eliminated in the future, what can we do about it? We can develop a variety of product lines - eggs should not be placed in a basket, of course, this may cause too much and inaccurate, which will take time to polish. Every process will be a high-quality product after long-term research and development improvements.Taking Teke's main products Silicone wire and New Energy car charging line as examples, from the beginning of the muddled understanding to the consensus at home and abroad, we finally hit our own brand with everyone's efforts.
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