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Do you know the wires and cables used in rockets?

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  • Time of issue:2021-05-18
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Do you know the wires and cables used in rockets?

  Last week, China's zhurong successfully landed on the surface of Mars, and China's aerospace has taken another big step forward.
  Aerospace is an extremely complex and mysterious project in the eyes of ordinary people. Let us unveil the mystery of wires and cables. First, let's take a look at the pictures of the internal cables of the Soviet space shuttle blizzard.
  The rocket electrical system is composed of control system, measurement system and other systems. A "bridge" is built between the equipment of each system through cables to realize data transmission and energy transmission. Due to the large number of equipment, the measurement system is the system with the largest number of cables and the most complex branches in the rocket. Hundreds of cables are densely distributed all over the rocket. For example, the cable network of the Long March 5 rocket has more than 300 bundles, of which the number of measuring system cables accounts for nearly 70%, and the total number of cable plugs involved exceeds 800.
  Xia Guojiang, deputy director of the first office of the overall design department, said: "there are hundreds of wires and cables and optical interfaces inside the rocket. It is very complex from development to installation, and some equipment are located in special positions, so it is difficult to connect and install cables." This also leads to a variety of coating materials, from silica gel, cross-linked wire to Teflon, which have their own characteristics and uses. Read our historical articles to learn more about the characteristics of different kinds of wires and cables.
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