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UL electronic wire identification method

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  • Time of issue:2021-05-27
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UL electronic wire identification method

  As the main carrier of power transmission, UL electronic line is widely used in all aspects of life such as household appliances, electrical equipment and lighting lines. Its quality directly affects the project quality and the life and property safety of consumers.
  The prices of UL electronic lines in the market vary greatly, and there are many varieties. Its specifications and parameters have strict standard requirements. The UL standard electronic line that meets the standard and passes UL certification is the UL standard electronic line, on the contrary, it is non-standard line. So how do we identify whether it meets the standards?
  The national standard on the cable stipulates that relevant marks must be marked at intervals, which shall not exceed 500mm at most. The marks generally contain the product trademark, manufacturer's name, executive standards, etc. If conditions permit, you can peel off one end to check whether the conductor is pure copper, whether the cross-sectional area of the copper wire reaches the square number, and whether the outer diameter is within the standard range. In terms of packaging, products with UL certification must be affixed with the initial UL label of UL company before shipment.
  In fact, these methods can judge whether most UL electronic wire products meet UL certification standards, but some wire and cable manufacturers have excellent imitation ability. At this time, you can query whether its UL number corresponds on the third-party website.
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