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"Platinum" and "double two four" in silicone wire

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  • Origin:Huizhou ELETECK Wire&Cable Co., Ltd.
  • Time of issue:2021-06-01
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"Platinum" and "double two four" in silicone wire

  In the field of wire and cable, silica gel wire is more and more widely used, and its technology is more and more mature.
  Eleteck's silicone wires are mainly double 24 silica gel and platinum silica gel. Double 24 and platinum are the names of vulcanizing agents. For example, platinum silica gel is the cured product obtained by the crosslinking reaction of organic silica gel polymer material and crosslinking agent catalyzed by platinum vulcanizing agent.
  Both platinum vulcanizing agent and double two four vulcanizing agent have the characteristics of low decomposition temperature and fast decomposition speed, so that the silica gel raw material can be formed at a low temperature of about 100 ℃. The difference is that the formed silica gel wire phase platinum has the following advantages over double 24:
  1. Sufficient intermolecular crosslinking, no low molecular precipitation, and no whitening and frost spitting;
  2. Colorless, without any peculiar smell, and can meet the food grade requirements of EU environmental protection and FDA;
  3. Excellent physical properties, stable size and low shrinkage;
  4. No yellowing and deformation will occur in long-term use, with more prominent safety performance, high efficiency, tasteless and long service life
  5. The tensile strength and tear strength of the product can be greatly improved, and the permanent deformation rate is low.
  However, platinum vulcanizing agent is good, but the cost is high. The cost of silica gel wire made of platinum vulcanizing agent will be at least 20% higher than that of ordinary double 24.
  The above information comes from the official website of Huizhou Eleteck wire and cable Co., Ltd. www.eleteck.com.cn. For more information on silica gel wires, please collect the website.