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Tips for customizing motor leads

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  • Author:ELETECK
  • Origin:Huizhou ELETECK Wire&Cable Co., Ltd.
  • Time of issue:2021-06-11
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Tips for customizing motor leads

  The motor lead is an indispensable part of the motor. The motor leads used by various types of motors are also different, from the most common PVC electronic wire to cross-linked electronic wire, halogen-free electronic wire, silica gel wire or composite motor lead composed of a variety of material core wires. The customization of composite motor lead must find the right manufacturer.
  Our company often receives motor lead demand involving a variety of insulating materials. Like the motor lead of a PVC quilt, there are two kinds of core wire insulation: ETFE and high tear resistant silicone. At this time, we also have the advantages of production capacity of ETFE, silica gel and PVC, which makes quality and delivery control simple and convenient.
  For motor manufacturers, the safety factor should be higher, and the motor lead suitable for motor operating conditions should be selected to prevent unnecessary problems.
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