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know why the refined silicone wire is "refined" from rubber mixing attention points

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  • Time of issue:2021-08-18
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know why the refined silicone wire is "refined" from rubber mixing attention points

  We all know that silicone wires are better but more expensive. Where is the essence of precious silicone wires?It can be seen from the precautions in the process of refining.
  A special operating room for the rubber refining process is needed, and a clean environment should be maintained, because the mechanical and electrical properties of the contaminated silicone are reduced. If a special processing site cannot be configured for the silicone rubber, attention must be paid to isolating the contaminated materials from the silicone and its compounding aids.Carefully weigh the components to be used, such as flame retardants, sulfides, color masterbatches, etc.
  After placing the pure silicone rubber on the smelter, adjust the roll distance so that the silicone rubber package can rotate faster and mix sufficiently. Reasonable roll distance can guarantee the best speed and quality of rubber mixing.Some fillers fall into the feeding tray through the drum during the mixing process. Do not scrape them with brushes, cleaning cloth, etc. which are easily contaminated with silicone. It is recommended to scrape the fillers from the feeding tray with a rubber scraper.It is best not to add all fillers to the compound at once, but to add them in batches of 2-3 times.Every batch of filler is added, the rubber must be fully refilled.This ensures that the fillers are evenly dispersed and prevents the formation of hard filling clots.Wait......
  Of course, the refining of silicone is only a step in the production of silicone wires. Excellent silicone wires can only be produced when the high quality and high standards of other processes are jointly completed.
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