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Ul3239 silicone cable improves the life of LED

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  • Time of issue:2019-09-25
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Ul3239 silicone cable improves the life of LED

Ul3239 silicone cable is widely used in lighting, television, microwave oven, fax machine, printer, copier, scanner, medical equipment and other machines internal connection line, high temperature 150 ~ 200 degrees, voltage up to 3KV ~ 20kV, UL certification, in line with the EU environmental protection requirements, the company's quality first, complete specifications (24awg ~ 10awg), color diversity, reasonable price, timely delivery, Welcome to call to discuss consultation and cooperation!
LED lamps and lanterns used to use PVC electronic wire, which is cheap, but PVC electronic wire is relatively hard, low voltage resistance, not low temperature resistance, if sold to cold areas, PVC electronic wire is easy to aging, thus shortening the service life of LED and there are potential safety hazards; ul3239 silicone wire is very soft, low temperature resistance can be up to - 60 degrees, assembly is also very convenient, voltage withstand can be greater than 3KV With the improvement of living standards, consumers' requirements for LED lighting have also been improved. The use of ul3239 silicone cable not only improves the service life of LED, but also improves the security!
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