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US AFC cable system introduces new MC lighting cable

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  • Time of issue:2019-07-25
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US AFC cable system introduces new MC lighting cable

  Recently, AFC cable system, a leading US electrical product manufacturer, has introduced a new MC lighting cable. These metal-wrapped cables contain electrical lighting and control circuitry in a single chain armor.

  MC lighting cables are ideal for commercial lighting design in smart buildings for dimming LEDs and fluorescent lights.

  The MC lighting cable has two or three single copper THHN conductors, a single THHN insulated ground, and a pair of twisted jacketed TFN conductors. The MC Tuff lighting cable is a light galvanized iron chain armored cable, while the MC-Lite lighting cable is a chain aluminum armored cable.

  MC lighting cables save time and significantly reduce costs during installation. By connecting standard power wiring and low-voltage control wiring for lighting fixtures in a single armor, this single MC lighting cable acts as both cables to connect to LED fixtures, dimmers, switches, sensors and other control devices. .

  MC lighting cables reduce procurement, shipping and installation time and reduce waste on the project. The new cable makes an important contribution to the ideal result of today's green building certification services in smart building design.