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Water blocking wire - have you ever seen a wire that needs to be "inflated"? -Air tightness test

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Water blocking wire - have you ever seen a wire that needs to be "inflated"? -Air tightness test

What we mean here is the air tightness test of the wire.

The air tightness test method is an alternative to the waterproof test.
The requirement of ipx7 only gives us a requirement standard for experiment, but it does not quantify this requirement specifically. According to the current ipx7 test requirements, if we use submerged method to test each harness product.
First, it is unrealistic. It is impossible to test the wiring harness products in water, but the products soaked in water are destroyed.
Second, it is not conducive to batch automatic production. On the other hand, the water detection method needs to be looked at manually, which lacks reasonable operation basis and verification. Therefore, many customers suggest that air tightness test method can be used instead of water test method to test products.
According to our industry experience, one meter water depth is equivalent to the pressure of 10KPA. In order to improve the detection speed, if the product pressure allows, we will generally increase the pressure to 12-15kpa. The specific pressure should be set according to the specific product. In general, we can use the experimental method to define the qualified or unqualified parameters. Take a batch of qualified products and unqualified products, and use the air tightness leak detector to test the products. There is an obvious boundary difference between the pressure range of qualified products and the unqualified products, so we can also distinguish a certain value between the qualified and unqualified products. Of course, we can also try to use some theoretical calculations to calculate the corresponding amount of leakage products.
In order to meet the air tightness performance requirements of major automobile wire harness manufacturers, Huizhou eleteck wire and cable Co., Ltd. successfully developed and produced water blocking and gas blocking wires in 2015, which can be customized according to different wire diameter requirements of customers, so as to solve the air tightness performance requirements of wire harness products for customers, and the qualified rate reaches 100%.
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