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Introduction of UL electronic wire

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  • Time of issue:2019-10-28
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Introduction of UL electronic wire

Introduction of UL electronic wire
Huizhou yiteke wire and cable Co., Ltd
Among the common UL electronic wires, according to the different insulating or sheathing materials, they can be roughly divided into the following categories: PVC wires, halogen-free wires, silicone wires and Teflon wires.
PVC wire
Simply speaking, PVC electronic wire is a single or multi strand copper wire with PVC insulation material and bare copper or tinned copper conductor. Common PVC electronic wires include ul1007, ul1015, ul1061, ul1095, ul1430, ul1569, ul1571, ul1617, ul1672, etc. in addition to these single PVC branch lines, there are also multi-core PVC wires such as ul2464, UL2468, ul2517, UL2651, etc.
Halogen free electronic wire
The common halogen-free electronic wires are UL10368, ul10369, ul3173, ul3265, ul3266, ul3271, ul3363, ul3688, ul3691, ul4298, etc
Halogen free flat cable
The common halogen-free cables are ul21311, ul21016, ul21515, ul21516, etc
Silicone thread
There are UL3068, ul3071, UL3122, ul3123, ul3132, ul3133, ul3135, ul3239, ul3512, ul3530, ul3585, ul3640, ul3641, ul3642, ul3644, ul3645, ul3661, ul3662, ul3663, ul3750, ul3889, ul4389, etc
Teflon line
Common Teflon lines include ul10064, ul10086, ul10412, ul10744, ul10633, ul11331, ul1330, ul1331, ul1332, ul1333, ul1354, ul1589, ul1901, etc
The main difference between these different types of electronic wires is the difference between rated voltage and rated temperature.
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