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What line will make the LED blind?

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  • Time of issue:2019-11-08
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What line will make the LED blind?

The title says that LED will be "fooled". It is not that the power line is broken and the LED will not light up.
Let Tekjun share with you in detail:
LED light sources are afraid of an element called "sulfur" because sulfur-containing gases react to sulfurization on the silver-plated layer of the light source through their porous structure of silicone or support crevices.After the sulfurization reaction of LED light source, the functional area of the product will be blackened, the luminous flux will gradually decrease, and the color temperature will obviously drift. The conductivity of silver sulfide after sulfurization increases with the increase of temperature, which makes it easy to leak electricity during the use process. More serious is that the silver layer is completely corroded and the copper layer is exposed.Because the second bond of gold wire is attached to the surface of silver layer, when the silver layer of the bracket functional area is completely sulfurized and corroded, the gold ball will fall off, resulting in a dead light and the LED will be "fooled".
There are more than fifty raw materials in LED lamps, which may also contain sulfur, chlorine and bromine elements.In a closed, high temperature environment, these sulfur, chlorine, bromine elements may be volatilized to corrode the LED light source.So halogen-free, sulfur-free wires appear.
Huizhou Yike Eleteck Cable Co., Ltd. can provide you halogen-free and sulfur-free wires.
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