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Teflon FEP cable is everything but too...

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  • Time of issue:2019-11-12
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Teflon FEP cable is everything but too...

UL1332FEP, Teflon high temperature wire
1. Teflon high-temperature wires have better performance than other insulation materials, which means the cost is too high.
2. Features and uses:
The common features of Teflon high temperature wire are high temperature resistance, flame retardant, excellent corrosion resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, excellent electrical insulation performance is also a major feature of fluoroplastic high temperature wire, high voltage resistance, low high frequency loss, high insulation resistance, aging resistance and long service life.
2.1 Teflon high-temperature wire is widely used in automotive harness, home appliances, lighting fixtures, electronic appliances, instruments, motors, industrial instruments and other high-temperature environment.
2.1.1 In the automotive field, it can be used for battery wrap harness, fan harness, sampling harness, etc.
2.1.2 Household appliances can be used for the internal wiring of air conditioner, microwave oven, electronic sterilizer, rice cooker, electronic hot water bottle, electric heater, oven, frying pan, etc.
2.1.3 In the electronics industry, it can be used for temperature compensation wires, low temperature resistant wires, high temperature heating wires, aging resistant wires, flame retardant wires, etc.
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