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Classification and application of TPU line

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  • Time of issue:2019-11-14
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Classification and application of TPU line

TPU line believe that many friends are very unfamiliar with this, the following TPU line manufacturers to introduce the classification and use.
TPU wires are mainly divided into the following: power and energy wires, communication wires, geographic exploration wires, automobile wires, industrial wires, others: spring wires, retractable wires, video and audio cables, medical.
Automobile: anti lock system (ABS) cable, odometer cable, automobile communication cable, about 85A, hardness, hydrolysis resistance, elasticity and flexibility; fog surface, heat resistance.
Geographic exploration cable: geophone cable, oil field exploration cable, land / ocean exploration cable, 85a-89a hardness, hydrolysis degree and flexibility, wear resistance, weatherability and low temperature flexibility.
Consumer electronics related cables: earphone cable, mobile phone charger cable, audio cable, cigarette lighter cable, USB cable, telephone cable, computer accessories line, 70a-90a polyether, not necessarily elastic and flexible; fine fog surface.
Medical equipment cable: ECG cable, blood oxygen detection cable, massager cable, electrode wire cable, polyether, extruded TPU, flexible specification, elasticity and flexibility; USP.
Energy and industrial cables: train / subway / Marine / military cables, wind power cables, equipment cables, mining cables, CNC cables, power energy cables, 78a-90a is generally polyether, elastic and flexible, weather resistant; halogen free flame retardant trend.
Telecommunication and communication cable: optical fiber cable and data line
Processability: high mechanical strength, excellent processability and no need of vulcanization. All extruders for general extrusion of PVC can be used to extrude TPU (screw length diameter is greater than 1:25).
Application environment: in addition to the general environment, especially the dynamic cable, which has high strength requirements, needs to be often wound, twisted, dragged in rocks, ground, ice and snow, or soaked in water, and used in harsh environments with great temperature difference between day and night.
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