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Application of high voltage wire harness for new energy vehicles

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  • Time of issue:2019-11-26
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Application of high voltage wire harness for new energy vehicles

New energy vehicle, as a new industry and new energy use, will replace the traditional gasoline engine as a new energy output mode. For the use of new energy and transmission, many people are very vague concepts. They are skeptical about the power use efficiency and endurance of new energy vehicles, as well as the charging speed and efficiency of new energy vehicles The efficiency of oil engine is far greater than that of new energy in terms of energy conversion and power utilization. Here, I would like to explain in detail the use of high-voltage wiring harness of new energy vehicles.

The use of new energy vehicle high voltage wiring harness: with the support and promotion of the state, the development of new energy vehicles has made great progress. In a word, new energy vehicles refer to the use of non conventional fuels as the driving force, the advanced technology of integrated vehicle's power control and driving technology, and the advanced technology and principle of new technology and new structure. Mainly including pure electric vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, etc., new energy vehicles are gradually entering our daily life.
1. Current:
It is required that the transmission current of new energy high-voltage line should reach 250A to 450A.
2. Service life:
The service life of the cable is 3000h. According to iso6722 and iso14572 cable standards, we can according to the customer's special requirements may involve more than 3000h stage, in the specified temperature operation time up to 11000h.
3. Flexibility:
The flexibility of high-voltage wire of new energy vehicles is very strict. The use and design section of new products takes into account the bumps on the road and resists bumps in driving and twisting in sudden accidents. The company proposes to achieve the flexibility and bending performance of high-voltage wires for new energy vehicles.