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Smart cable Guard technology reduces operating costs and increases reliability

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  • Time of issue:2019-07-25
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Smart cable Guard technology reduces operating costs and increases reliability

  The Smart Cable Guard solution continuously monitors and immediately detects the exact location of a medium voltage (MV) power cable system failure.

  Real-time cable condition information reduces repair time, enhances the stability of medium voltage power cable systems and reduces overall service costs for utilities and industrial asset owners.

  DNV will present the latest technological advancements in its Smart Cable Guard solution at CEPSI (Asia Pacific Electric Power Industry Exhibition) in South Korea from October 26th to 30th.

  DNV GL, the world's leading energy consulting and testing authority, today announced the latest advancements in its Smart Cable Guard solution. In addition to supporting existing functions for system operators and industrial asset managers to detect and locate partial discharges online, Smart Cable Guard is now able to immediately locate the exact location of a medium voltage cable system failure with 1% accuracy and reduce repair time . With this real-time insight, operators and asset managers can significantly reduce the time customers are affected by failures and, in certain circumstances, reduce the frequency of customer impacts, ultimately reducing overall system costs.

  The solution reduces maintenance costs, reduces power outages in everyday use, mitigates negative publicity and claims, and enhances the operator's reputation for reliable, innovative grid management. After being integrated into a solution, the Smart Cable Guard detects and locates any faults and issues an immediate alert, even if there is no short-circuit current, regardless of the grid grounding and short-circuit cable levels. It also has the ability to immediately detect gaps and hidden faults.

  Denny Harmsen, senior innovation consultant at Alliander, one of the leading distribution grid utilities in the Netherlands, said: “Smart Cable Guard has proven to be an attractive solution for accurate and fast online detection of grid faults. To this end, we use DNV GL The solution is to protect the circuit and will adopt more solutions."

  Dr. Fred Steennis, Principal Consultant and Power Cable Specialist at DNV GL, said: “In urban environments with high power outage costs, medium voltage power cables are the most important asset of public utilities, and in the environment of industrial asset owners, failures occur. It can cause serious damage and economic losses. Off-grid monitoring of these cables is like taking a photo every year as a security camera, and Smart Cable Guard's new real-time insights provide operators with continuous monitoring of the cable network and provide them with the right information for immediate action. ""

  DNV GL uses 5% of its revenue for research and innovation investments, such as developing joint venture industry projects with industry partners, and Smart Cable Guard is one of them.