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Application of low smoke halogen free electronic wires

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  • Time of issue:2019-12-12
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Application of low smoke halogen free electronic wires

Halogen free electronic wire is suitable for places with rated voltage below 450-750v, flame retardant, low smoke, high environmental safety requirements, etc. Such as high-rise buildings, stations, subways, gymnasiums, villas, family residences, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, airports, hospitals, large libraries, schools, shopping malls and other densely populated places.

Advantages of low smoke halogen free electronic wires
In the traditional PVC wire, when a fire occurs, PVC mixture is easy to decompose and emit a large amount of toxic and corrosive HCl gas, which produces a large amount of highly toxic smoke, causing great loss of life and property, and bringing great difficulties to rescue work. In order to reduce the secondary damage caused by fire and fire as much as possible, it is found that changing the external materials and processes of products can effectively solve this problem.
The amount of smoke released during the combustion of halogen-free electronic wires and cables is small, mainly because all materials do not contain halogen. The toxicity of halogen cable in fire is terrible. The toxicity index of PVC is 15.01 if the concentration of gas which can cause death within 30 minutes is 1 and the toxicity index of halogen-free polymer is 0.79. In the process of the fire, the smoke diffused, which made the victims unable to distinguish the direction and extended the stay time in the fire. According to the relevant data, when the transmittance is 70%, the naked eye vision recognition ability is only about 5 m. The light transmittance of PVC combustion flue gas is less than 15%, that is, the naked visual distance of flue gas is only about 2m. Another characteristic of smoke is that it spreads rapidly with the flow of wind, with a speed of more than 20 m / min. It can be seen that the use of halogen-free low smoke wires and cables is the key to ensure safety.
Through the innovation of halogen-free electronic wire flame retardant technology, a new type of high-performance environmental protection wire was introduced. The disadvantages of PVC decorative line are well solved. Halogen free, low smoke, flame retardant, excellent short circuit load capacity is a wise choice for decoration. We believe that with the improvement of people's living conditions, people pay more and more attention to health, safety and environmental protection. When the new high-performance environmental protection cloth wire completely replaces the traditional PVC wire, the day will come.