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Selection of high temperature silica gel line for western kitchen equipment

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  • Time of issue:2019-12-24
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Selection of high temperature silica gel line for western kitchen equipment

Western kitchen equipment products are closely related to people's life and have a wide range of applications. At present, the broad sense of commercial western kitchen equipment industry has not only referred to the kitchen appliances used in Western food kitchens or Western restaurants, but also covers a wider range, mainly divided into five categories of products:
The first category is commercial food machinery products. The second category is commercial kitchen appliances. The third category is washing equipment, the fourth category is refrigeration and preservation products, and the fifth category is conditioning table products,
And these five categories of products can be used in the production of ul3135 high temperature silica gel line as a connecting line, which is essential. In the process of product assembly, the quality of wire rod is particularly important. At present, the high temperature wires on the market are ul3135 high temperature silicone wire and silicone rubber braided wire.
Silicone rubber braided wire has passed UL certification. The structure is silicone rubber insulation, tinned copper conductor and glass fiber braiding combination. It is produced according to ul758-2000 standard, rated voltage is 300 V, and product color can be provided according to user requirements. The characteristics of this product are: high quality copper, aging resistance, good insulation performance, long service life and high temperature resistance.
Ul3135 high temperature silica gel wire is composed of tinned copper wire and silicone rubber insulation. High quality copper and insulating silicone rubber are still used for tinned copper conductor. The main results are as follows: (1) silicone rubber has the characteristics of high temperature stability. Although the strength of silicone rubber at room temperature is only half of that of natural rubber or some synthetic rubber, silicone rubber can still maintain certain resilience, flexibility and surface hardness at 200 ℃, and the mechanical properties have no obvious change. (2) Electrical performance. Silicone rubber has excellent arc resistance, insulation and corona resistance. (3) Physical and mechanical properties. The physical and mechanical properties of silicone rubber are worse than ordinary rubber at room temperature, but the physical and mechanical properties of silicone rubber are better than ordinary rubber at 150 ℃ and - 50 ℃. So silicone rubber is used for insulation.