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What are the differences between ul3239 and ul3135?

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  • Time of issue:2020-01-02
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What are the differences between ul3239 and ul3135?

Hello everyone, today I'd like to introduce the difference between ul3239 silica gel line and ul3135 high temperature silica gel line. Let's understand.

Ul3239 silicone wire can withstand high temperature of 150 ℃, voltage of 3KV, 6kV, 10kV, 20kV, 30KV, 40kV, 50kV, 10awg-28awg, flame retardant VW-1, passed UL certification and SGS environmental certification, and is widely used in instruments, high-voltage testing, LED lighting; ul3135 high-temperature silicone wire with rated voltage of 600V, high-temperature resistance of 200 ℃, flame-retardant grade VW-1, mainly suitable for electric machinery, electronic and electrical industries.
The difference between high temperature resistance and high temperature resistance of ul3135 and ul3135 is different. At present, ul3239 silica gel line is widely used in the market, especially with the development of LED, the market share of ul3239 silica gel line is obviously increased. Compared with ul3135, ul3239 is cheaper and more widely used.