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Decoration buried wire of halogen free electronic wire rod

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  • Time of issue:2020-01-30
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Decoration buried wire of halogen free electronic wire rod

Decoration buried wire of halogen free electronic wire rod
A good halogen-free electronic wire is like an anti-theft door, but if there is no standard installation, the function of the door will be greatly weakened. In order to ensure the safe use of electricity at home, good installation is the most critical step.
Split line. Because the current will produce magnetic field, and the household electricity has strong or weak, so the halogen-free cable should be buried according to different conditions. For example, TV lines are all weak wires, just like the same power line and the same pipe, which not only affects the signal effect, but also leads to safety risks due to the centralized heating of lines.
Specifications. Different power electrical appliances should be equipped with different specifications of wires. For example, the standard specification of more than three air conditioning access wires is much higher than that of television. However, many home decoration, due to the lack of common sense of electricity, decoration personnel will use low specification wires to cover the whole house, which constitutes a hidden danger of household electricity.
Therefore, when decorating the buried halogen-free electronic wires, we should choose the appropriate size of wires to lay in place, and users need to seriously consider the layout of electrical appliances in each room.
Power Distribution Box. As the main switch of house power supply, the distribution line can cut off the phase line and neutral line at the same time, and has the disconnection sign to ensure the safety of residents. However, with the improvement of the living standards of residents, high-intensity power consumption such as rice cookers, microwave ovens and air-conditioners are pouring into ordinary families, which makes the power load increase rapidly. Therefore, the household distribution box also needs to be upgraded according to the total household electricity consumption.
Electrical socket. Different rooms, wires and sockets work in different environments, which also requires that the installation must be adapted to local conditions. Bedrooms and living rooms generally adopt single-phase two pole and single-phase three pole socket; kitchen adopts single-phase two-pole and three-pole combined socket to save space; toilet adopts splash proof socket to prevent corrosion and influence of water vapor on wires and sockets.
At present, many domestic personnel who install halogen-free electronic wires only leave the minimum socket position, which leads to the problem of users adding plug-ins temporarily and increasing the single line load in vain. According to the experience of Europe and the United States, a safety socket is set at a distance of 3-4 meters from the wire, which not only avoids the trouble of using electricity, but also ensures the safety of power consumption.