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Prevention of novel coronavirus deployment

  • Categories:Company News
  • Author:ELETECK
  • Origin:Huizhou ELETECK Cable Co., Ltd.
  • Time of issue:2020-01-31
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Prevention of novel coronavirus deployment

Recently, a novel coronavirus infection epidemic in Wuhan and other parts of Hubei province has been reported. After the outbreak, novel coronavirus control and prevention work was carried out with eleteck Inc.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work contingency plan was formulated, and a group of leading group, report group, disposal group, propaganda group, logistics support group, etc., headed by Chairman of the company, was set up. Novel coronavirus pneumonia should be scientifically and effectively dealt with to ensure the health and safety of all employees.
Adhere to the principle of putting prevention first
1. Before January 31, if there are people who return to the factory in advance, the health survey should be conducted for the family members who return to the factory in advance.
2. Vitamin C was added to the whole staff to enhance the body resistance.
3. Urge family members to strengthen exercise, develop good health habits, enhance physical fitness.
4. After the construction starts on February 10, 2020, the morning meeting time will be changed to morning exercise to enhance physical fitness.
5. The personnel entering the plant area shall take 100% temperature measurement and alcohol disinfection at the door of the security room. The security guard shall be responsible for it. Those who have uncomfortable symptoms such as fever and cough are not allowed to enter the plant area.
6. In the factory, 100% of the staff in the factory take the temperature once a day, which is in the charge of the production manager and recorded. The morning check-up time is 07:30-8:30 a.m. in the canteen of the company. Those who have symptoms of fever, cough and other discomfort are not allowed to enter the workshop and go to the hospital immediately.
7. During this period, the family members who have been to Hubei or have contact with the personnel in Hubei epidemic area do not go to work at first, and isolate themselves at home for 14 days. After that, if everything is normal, they will return to work in the company.
8. Dormitory, canteen, workshop, entertainment room, office, isolation room to strengthen ventilation, and take disinfection measures.
[warm tips]
Prevention 12 word formula: "wash hands frequently, protect, avoid contact, good habits"
1. Wash your hands frequently
① Before, during and after food preparation, after coughing or sneezing, before meals, after defecation, when hands are dirty.
② Wash hands with soap, alcohol based hand sanitizer and water immediately after handling animals or animal excreta.
2. Protect yourself
① When coughing or sneezing, cover mouth and nose completely with tissue or cuff, and wash hands.
② Keep throat moist and not dry, do not drink too much warm water, 50-80cc each time is the best.
③ Wear masks and try to avoid going to crowded public places.
④ Pay attention to keep the windows of home and workplace ventilated and clean environment.
3. Contact free
① Avoid close contact with wild animals or patients without protection, and avoid touching their eyes, mouth and nose.
② Avoid contact with sick animals and spoiled meat.
③ Avoid contact with stray animals, garbage and wastewater.
4. Good habits: cook meat and eggs thoroughly, wash hands between raw and cooked food, and separate cutting boards and knives.