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What symptom does the high voltage line of new energy vehicle break down?

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  • Time of issue:2020-02-17
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What symptom does the high voltage line of new energy vehicle break down?

What symptom does the high voltage wire of new energy vehicle break down?
In severe cases, the engine vibrates due to lack of cylinder, and when it is slight, the high-pressure fire is weak and the engine power decreases.
Product principle:
Generally, the negative current of new energy vehicles is returned to the negative pole of battery by electrical equipment through the body. As we all know, because the body is made of steel, the factory will produce current loop impedance design. Lead to current backflow is not smooth and exhausted, power on equipment, electrical equipment and car body, so that each is directly connected to high-quality negative power, strengthen grounding, many interference effects, can greatly improve the return current, quality, efficiency and performance of the rate of automotive electrical system, automotive electrical system is a great benefit of the electrical system, it is the choice of automotive electrical capacity conversion.
2. Combustion calorific value increased by 130%
3. Reduce exhaust emission by 5-20%
4. Increase power by 10-20%
5. Reduce fuel consumption by 5-10%
6. Reduce carbon deposition in combustion chamber
7. Beautify the engine
8. Extend engine life
9. Unique drawing structure, patent design, unique shielding protection function, self-adaptive multi-function, adjustable side rubber rod of spark plug.
High performance engineering plastics with hot plug connecting rod, pull beneficial and adaptive, ensure durability and reliability connotation.
 maintenance of high voltage damping distribution line assembly:
(1) The replacement of distributor should be completed by professional technicians. Please turn off the engine when installing
(2) When testing or replacing the high-voltage damping distribution line assembly, pay attention to the installation sequence of each group of wires, and replace them one by one according to the length, and ensure that each joint is in good contact
(3) When the engine is running, the distributor wire will produce voltage above 35000 v. please do not touch it to avoid electric shock;
(4) After replacement, start the engine and run at idle speed for 30 seconds without abnormality before driving.
(5) There should be no dirt on the high-voltage damping fire-proof dividing line. If there is, it should be removed immediately, otherwise electric leakage may occur.
(6) The high damping point of each clip is fixed to the live wire application, avoiding friction and contact to minimize mutual interference.
(7) When installing the high-voltage damping distribution line, it is strictly forbidden to fold it, otherwise the core wire will be broken or the core wire resistance will be increased, and the spark will be weakened.
(9) Today's engine ignition system produces very high voltage and temperature, and the spark plug connector sleeve (or even the high-voltage wire body) that bears high-voltage and high-temperature for a long time will soften.
For this reason, silicon lubricant can be coated on the insulation surface near the heat source of the insulation sleeve of the high-voltage damping distribution line, or the heat-resistant hose can be wound on the surface of the high-voltage damping distribution line body. The wire body should be fixed by the support frame to isolate from the high-temperature engine shell.